2 Porches

2 Porches

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Having already tailored the interior of their home to their liking, our customers turned their attention to the exterior. They expressed concerns that their existing front entry did little to help the curb appeal for their home that was already deprived of charm. They felt that it also functioned poorly and were dismayed by how much maintenance it required.

The back of the house was not much better. Devoid of practically any architectural detail, it had instead been punctuated by all manner of utilitarian necessities. This was most unfortunate as this side of the home looked out onto their many acres of beautiful VT forest, meadows and wetlands. Their desire was to create living spaces that could allow them to enjoy this beauty without being carried away by the mosquitos that plagued their summer days.

The new front porch has a dyed concrete deck and stairs to minimize maintenance. It is bound by cultured stone walls and pillars that support two massive craftsman columns. A hipped roof with a vaulted bead board ceiling caps the assembly.

The back screen porch boasts ample space for a complete dining room set as well as lounge seating and side tables. Fir posts reach up to the roof deck that is accessed by a new door on the second floor. Additional dining options are available here and the spectacular views to the surrounding land remains unimpeded thanks to the minimal cable rail system.

The mailman is said to have made the statement “Nice new house” and the home owners agree.