Cliff Hanger- A lake access

Cliff Hanger- A lake access

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Enjoying your lake front is not always as easy as walking out to the water and setting up your chair. Sometimes a 25’ cliff is in your way.

Our team worked with the home owners to devise a solution to address both function and aesthetic desires. We strove to create a safe and sturdy means to access the water, an intimate gathering space, storage for the removable dock, as well as a hoist to raise and lower the final section of stairs.

Steel beams anchored in concrete and subsequently covered in a stone patio provided the mass to support the cantilevered deck and stairs.

Ipe decking and cable rails define the modest landing for enjoying a spectacular view of the lake and the beginning of the descent to access it.

The long flight of stairs is broken by an intermediary landing and culminates on a crib wall anchored to the cliff. From here a short flight of aluminum stairs will bring you to the removable dock.

To satisfy zoning regulations and to help protect the assembly from season wear and tear, the last section of stair was installed so it could be raised at the end of the season. This approach, coupled with some on site storage for their removable dock, has helped to greatly reduce the previously arduous task of winterizing.

The home owners enjoy the reclaimed 3 days they used to spend preparing for winter almost as much as they enjoy new access itself.